The ‘Solomonic state’ & the soul of Oromia.

Reporting from Abyssinia, Henry Stern, a Jewish missionary wrote in 1862 that ‘the king’s relentless severity towards rebels continuously scourged and mutilated men, women & children’ for absolute domination and total submission.
For Stern, these extreme measures ‘failed to enforce obedience or to win the nation’s fealty.’
The result was unsurprisingly the creation of militarized and armed peasant communities. The barbaric adventure was in pursuit of a fictitious Solomonic rule.
Time moved and we are in 2020 but Abyssinia didn’t. In practice, it is either stuck or it rotates like the earth not around the sun but around the image of the very same fictitious Solomonic state!
Abiy’s onslaught on the soul of the Oromo nation is not accidental. It is in line with Abyssinian’s historical trajectory.
Ironically, the more the Salomonic state is rebranded, the more it regains its original character! It is yet to disintegrate and yet to find a way to prevent the birth of rebellious souls!
It seems that Abiy’s desperate measures are not enforcing obedience to the Solomonic state and spirited souls of Oromia continue to resist against absolute domination.
In Jigjiga though, the surrogates still believe in the prosperity of the fictitious Solomonic state..

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