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Werar Adag oo Xildhibanada Onlf Lagu Hayo ee Gobalka Jarar

Waxaa Ugaadhsi Lagu Haya Xildhibanada Jwxo Garhan Kuwa Gobalka Jarar Daawo muqalada Adiga Yaabi Doone Hoos ka daawo  

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The Dilma of Ethiopia and the Demise of Amhara Progressives.

Talk of the Town The Dilma of Ethiopia and the Demise of Amhara Progressive As one devours both local and global news, one can easily

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The Meaningless Change of Dr. Abiy
- Aug 22, 2020
The Meaningless Change of Dr. Abiy As far back as June 2018, I gave an interview to the BBC Somali Section and critically appraised Abiy and his change. While most people ...
The ‘Solomonic state’ & the soul of Oromia.
- Jul 12, 2020
Reporting from Abyssinia, Henry Stern, a Jewish missionary wrote in 1862 that 'the king's relentless severity towards rebels continuously scourged and mutilated men, women & children' for absolute domination and ...
Deg Deg: Ururka ONLF oo shir jaraaid kuqabtay Adis Ababa ayaa kaga Hadlay Arimo Badan
- Aug 21, 2019
(Ogaden24.net) ONLF positions regarding the current situation and transition to peace in Ethiopia. The Somali Regional state (Ogaden) has been the scene of conflict both inter states and Intra-state. That conflict ...